Iraqi us forces put squeeze on baghdad for 3 hours but no result," al-Hayat said via Twitter

Iraqi us forces put squeeze on baghdad for 3 hours but no result," al-Hayat said via Twitter.

Tripoli government denies claims of civilian casualties in al-Hayat attack — RT (@RT_com) September 17, 2016

Iraqi army says they downed an improvised explosive device planted at al-Hayat gate at Barzeh village

At least civilians were killed and 2 wounded in an airstrike on a residential district in southern province of Diyala.

"An improvised explosive device planted by Daesh (Iraqi Security Forces) hit a residential area in Barzeh, Diyala. Four people have died and another two were wounded in today’s attack.

More than 500 Daesh suicide bombers have been killed since operations against the organization began in Iraq last month," military spokesman Brigadier Yahya Rasool told the AFP news agency.

Tripoli military chief Abdul Malik al-Jubeir told repnatyasastra.comorters: "The terrorist group planted a bomb on a civilian pickup truck in Barzeh," which killed at least four people.

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Tripoli Interior Ministry spokesman Abu Ali al-Athari told AFP: "They (IS) destroyed the al-Hayat (province) bridge, a military checkpoint and also destroyed two suicide boats."

The IS has also been responsible for dozens of other attacks in the region, most recently last month.

"The바카라 terrorist group targeted civilians in a series of attacks in two major villages near Arbil province, killing dozens of people as well as two security forces and wounding some other people as well," Rasool said.

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On Monday, the Iraqi parliament announced it will vote next week on a new government, which is set to be backed by Shi’ite bloc Shi’ite parties.

The new government will replace the previous one, which collapsed in March of this year.

The interim council is led by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who is now in Damascus following Iraq’s defeat in a U.S.-backed campaign.

Abadi said in the parliamentary statement Monday he is "willing to help create a government with the goal of building a successful democracy."

He added he "does not wan