Union calls for beds to reopen

U바카라nion calls for beds to reopen

Monday, March 16, 2013

The Canadian Red Cross said in a news release Monday night that the Red Cross has begun to op바카라사이트erate a 24-hour hotline to locate beds and volunteers seeking shelter in Canada and emergency response and counseling services.

The Red Cross has also ordered all emergency responders an바카라사이트d support staff to be on alert for potential violent incidents.

"Since the beginning of the year, we have been conducting a review of our existing response systems and we know from many months of experience that many are simply not strong enough to handle this situation, while others have been built and maintained to cope," Red Cross Chief Executive Officer Pierre Gauthier said. "We are working hard to ensure we keep up with current and future demand.

"If there are changes needed to our system, we will ensure that these changes happen rapidly and smoothly," he said.

The Red Cross said it has a 24-hour hotline that accepts calls from any person with a cellphone, radio, computer, video game, tablet, etc. Any emergency response team member is able to call 911 through the website.

The hotline also has emergency communication and support programs at no cost, the Red Cross said.

The Red Cross operates six medical relief centers across Canada, providing medical assistance to people experiencing difficulty, injury, or illness.

The hospitals provide short-term care and other services, including a full-time nursing staff.