Legal Raps

Yo yo yo, listen up, let’s talk about the law
From forensic medicine to the books of the Bible, that’s what I saw
In Washington state, energy code compliance is the game
And understanding principal contracts will bring you fame

Check out this journal of forensic and legal medicine
You’ll learn about all the latest trends, it’s not just any old dream
But if you prefer something a little more divine
The books of laws in the Bible will make you feel fine

If you’re trying to get your energy code compliance just right
Then Washington state’s got the forms for you, no need to fight
And if you’re wondering what a principal contract’s all about
Here’s a blog post that’ll help you figure it out

Looking to hit the road with a street legal mini bike?
Then check out this complete kit, it’s not a hike
And if you’re in Ireland, wondering when you can move out
The legal age to move out will remove all doubt

When it comes to talking to a judge before court
This legal advice will help you sort
And if you’re lost in the legal concept of jus
This explanation will clear the fuss

Event collaboration agreements can be quite a sight
With these legal guidelines and templates, you’ll get it right
And if you’re in Quebec, Canada, and want to smoke
Be sure to understand the smoking laws, it’s no joke

So there you have it, legal raps in a nutshell
From medicine to contracts, it’s all a powerful spell
No need to fret, the law is here to guide
Just read up, and you’ll be riding the legal tide